Who would have thought my new fence wood inspire this blog post – see what I did there!


For the 3 years we have lived in this property we have had our boundary exposed on one side of the house.  This meant that when sitting down for dinner we would have people take a short cut through our garden – hey  they may as well joined us at the table!
Building a new fence means we have a fully enclosed wrap around garden now to both the back and side of our  house – but more importantly it has created a safe space for the kids to play in, a sense of space for us at mealtimes and a boundary people have to acknowledge.

As I saw this being built it got me thinking.  How easy it is to create a safe space for yourself.  How to ensure you feel protected by this enclosure and set a limit for others to follow.  You can also set boundaries in all areas of life to help you focus and navigate your journey.


This may be the times you choose to work, not to work.  It could be that you have to focus on a task and shut down distractions.  You may choose not to work with certain people or businesses or not to be phased by passing comments or opinions. Setting boundaries in the business space will create a resilient and productive business owner.

Health & Fitness

Focusing on your health and fitness is hard at times.  So much temptation around with amazing foods and the chance to slump on the sofa at the end of the day in front of your favourite show…it is no surprise we are a growing nation!  By setting boundaries in your diet there is a sense of control and discipline – enabling you to enjoy the more tempting things from time to time.  Being more active creates more energy and in turn will make you feel the blood pumping around your body.  Setting boundaries in your health and fitness is a positive move that you can only benefit from.


We are working longer hours and more accessible than ever with technology and (not-so) smart phones.  I recently enjoyed a long weekend away and made a conscious decision to put my phone into airplane mode.  I didn’t need to be checking messages and emails all the time and it enabled me to be more present with my family.  When working longer hours consider your productivity.  Is it better to call it a night than make mistakes in a tired fog?


People change.  Over time it may be necessary to ‘shuffle the deck’.  Consider setting boundaries and removing the people in your life that make you feel *insert your word*.  Set boundaries by not accepting the social invite, choose not to engage in gossip at work, speak up and tell someone if they overstep the mark.  Simply put, a boundary is a limit or space between you and the other person; a clear place where you begin and the other person ends.

Think of it as a fence in your backyard.


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