Sarah Edwards

Guest Post from Sarah Edwards

Business – noun; ‘A person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade’

The thing is, People don’t buy your business. They buy your Brand.

This is where we ‘feel’. Where we belong, we aspire to be and where the magic happens.

Two and a half years ago after the birth of my daughter I began a ride. A Crazy, thrilling, rewarding Journey that has, inevitably, bought me here. Writing for you about the one thing I wish I knew before I started business. That, in itself, is a milestone for me.

You see, I started a business and I learnt very quickly that while there were tasks that had to be done and admin that needed completing, the answer to building this business was to connect with people, real people, and share my brand.

It was at this point where I engaged in partnering with a business coach. I was lucky enough to meet Sally Anne from Nourish Coaching who encouraged me to consider my ‘Why’.

To get out of my own way!

That my story and my brand were worth talking about – outside of my own space. I’m not a born extravert and I needed to understand that what would ultimately help me succeed was to share the passion behind lavelle hair workroom. So I did. I got out. I networked, I talked about my ‘Why’, I shared my unique story and I connected with people. Your brand encompasses so many things. It is so much more than a logo on a business card or a website. It’s every touch point that your clients, peers and staff see. It’s you, your values, your reputation. It’s your reason for doing what you are doing. It’s not simply words on paper – but how you make people feel. That is what people remember.

I have been lucky enough to also see the infectious Terry Hawkins speak on multiple occassions. One thing that has never left me. Her words on relationships, in this case your clients.

‘Figure out what people want ……. and wait for it ….. Give it to them!’
Seems simple enough? But sometimes in this business of building brands it can be a little tricky. So I encourage you to find your why. Find your buyers why. Deliver. Consistantly and lovingly. and the ‘business’ will come.

Brand – A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. Seth Godin 


Sarah Edwards is the owner and creative director of lavelle hair workroom – a boutique hairdressing salon in Brisbane’s inner south. She has spent 15 years in the hair and entertainment industries both in Australia and internationally and is awarded and experienced in a broad range of skill sets. Her passion? Client education, delivering superior results and customer service. The experience is what leads to the outcome – ‘your best ever hair’.


Sarah has been working with Sal from Nourish Coaching for over 12 months and recently shared her experience via a video – you can view this on the Nourish Coaching Channel and also on the Nourish Coaching Facebook Page under ‘videos’ – don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter while you are there.