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24 06, 2014

Qualities of a Coach

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I recently ran a question through Linkedin about what things were important to consider when hiring a coach.  I was keen to understand what qualities were needed but also to understand the expectation of the person engaging in a coaching relationship. There were a few things that I expected to see listed but also a few surprises so here I thought I would help you consider what may be of importance before reaching out and getting in contact with me. […]

11 06, 2014

Balance – what is it and how to find it

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I have been talking with a lot of my clients recently about finding balance.  We have been working out ways to make this busy work dominated life a little lighter by trying new things or mixing up the old things.  Also helping those that are trying to balance part time or full time work and the demands of motherhood. Funny how sometimes my clients situations parallel my own! We are all so busy.  What exactly is “me-time” anyway? […]

10 06, 2014

Build a brand and business will come

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Guest Post from Sarah Edwards Business - noun; ‘A person's regular occupation, profession, or trade’ The thing is, People don’t [...]