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24 04, 2013

Career Climber…or Plodder?

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Having worked in the recruitment industry for over 13 years I think I am well placed to talk about the different types of employees there are out there. I wish I had better terms for the two distinct camps of people that I have met, time and time again.  Age does not really come into it.  Neither does it matter whether male or female.  There are two different types of individual.  The Career Climber and the Career Plodder. Now looking at these in more detail.. […]

10 04, 2013

The chance to change

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Everything happens for a reason, right?  Every now and again life presents you with a  dilemma. For a moment you may feel stuck.  Unsure of what to do. Scared of the outcome. Yet there is also something exhilarating about moments like these.  They allow you to create yourself. Reinvent yourself. […]