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20 09, 2012

A round up, donation and make a wish!

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Well it has been a fabulous week.  I know, I know I have totally milked this 1st birthday. But you do that with 1st birthday’s don’t you? I am sure next year I will be far more composed.  This year I am giddy with excitement.  I have had an amazing week let alone year! So you know the theory of what you put out there you get back in return?   […]

18 09, 2012

365 – an amazing year – thank you!

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So here we are.  Hip Hip Hooray. I made it.  We made it! I think I have often referred to this when asked what it is like to run my own show.  Running your own business – you approach each day with equal parts of anxiety and excitement – this, my friend, is called motivation! So 365 days in.  Am I operating any differently to when I was only 30 days in business? Not really.  Perhaps consistency is the key? […]

16 09, 2012

Resiliency – a personal reflection

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    When an invite came through recently for a workshop on the art of Resilience I immediately replied.  Yes. Not only do I look forward to networking with other coaches in Brisbane face to face, I was also really interested in the topic. Some of you may know that 2011 was a pretty testing year for me (and others).  But for some of my clients 2012 has been a tough year.  So, notebook under arm and pleased to be socialising with adults of a Saturday morning I headed to the workshop in sunny Paddington. […]