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28 02, 2012

10 things to know about a leap year

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  So here we are – 29th February 2012.  A leap year. A year that has 366 days in it. A year that sparks a flurry of females to propose to their fellas. Today’s post is a lighthearted look at 10 things to know about a leap year!   […]

18 02, 2012

Working overseas – plain sailing?

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In the last few weeks I have received 2 calls relating to working overseas. Now the calls have not been along the lines of “should I work overseas?” more about how to get their partners onside. Let’s look at compromise and how you can have a discussion with your loved ones about whether this is the right thing for you to pursue now. […]

16 02, 2012

Am I going into the right job?

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I am often asked by my clients how to decide whether they are choosing the right role. Who has the crystal ball to know where this job will take them? My ‘5 point plan’ will help you flesh out the most important decisions you need to make when  looking for a job and before accepting an offer of employment. […]

13 02, 2012

Happy Valentines Day – Love your work!

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Happy Valentine’s Day. So who is on your list this year?  Will you send a card to anyone? How about approaching your job search with the Valentine’s Day concept in mind?  […]

10 02, 2012

Now where did I put my mojo?

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While chatting with a business client the other day she revealed something quite raw.  It took a little time to build up to it but the bottom line was ‘I cannot find my mojo, which would be fine if we were approaching the Christmas break but that was nearly 6 weeks ago now!” I acknowledged her for her honesty.  This was our first catch up since the break as she had wanted to have some much needed time out and enjoy the space this gave her both mentally and physically.  Now this statement worried her as she felt like she did not appear to have the mojo or desire to crack on with things in her business. So how do you go about locating your mojo? […]

1 02, 2012

Less is More – Happy Days

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I was invited to an event last night held by a Brisbane based business called excelleration where the attendees would learn about “1st World Problems – real world solutions” presented by Emily Diamond. The topic appealed to me on 2 levels.  Having recently moved to Brisbane it would be worthwhile connecting with some like minded individuals in an environment with an interesting topic. As you may recall I am also striving to live a life of Less is More this year so finding out more about this from a global perspective appealed. […]