Instead of writing a post about New Year Resolutions this year I want to make a “Statement of Change for 2012”.

As mentioned in my previous blog post 2011 has been an emotionally stretched year.

With an interstate move in 2012 it is a chance for me to really embrace change and challenge myself personally and professionally.

So my Statement of Change for 2012 is Less is More.

I am going to try and live a more simple life.

Ahead of our big move I have gone through each room in the house, each wardrobe, cupboard and drawer and have just thrown out so much stuff.  Good for the soul but all seemed such a waste.  Of course I gave away as much stuff as I could but I could not help but feel a bit empty at the fact I had bought this stuff with a need (or greed) in mind.

I have been doing a bit of research on living a simple life.  It seems I am not the only one who wants to strive for this in 2012.

  • I follow Zen Habits Blog and this is one of the best for stripping out excess in your life.  Take a look at this post on 72 ideas to simplify your life – and yes for those that think this is too much – there are 2 simple points to review if 72 is too much for you!  I have a bit of work to do here but pleased to see I have made a start.
  • I had a look at some friend’s Facebook updates – some looking for inspiration on New Year Resolutions – generally people wanted to work/eat/drink less or exercise more, cook more, move house or move on in their jobs.  It made me realise that we always have these things going on in our minds and the only thing that gets in the way of them happening is often ourselves.  So instead of having a huge list of to do’s just have a few.  Less is more.  You will achieve more.
  • We are a society obsessed with consumerism so it appeals to me to become a rebel.  Yes I would still like to indulge in a nice meal and holiday from time to time but I am very keen to try and stop the wastefulness I have become so good at.

So you might be wondering how to implement this kind of change.  Seems pretty colossal.

For me this means:

  • More meal planning – less waste
  • More diary planning – less stress
  • More family planning – less wasted moments
  • Being more creative with my kids – less reliant on toys
  • Reading more – being online less
  • Walking more – driving less
  • More music – Less TV
  • More letters and emails – Less facebook
  • More smiles and less frowns.
  • More outside – less inside
I am sure there is more to add to this list so I will probably be adding to this in the next week or so…
So, this starts now for me.  My family are enjoying a quiet meal tonight with a few drinks and then having an early night.  We are not party poopers just so pooped from the last few weeks of getting ready for this big move.
So 2012 will start with a clear mind ready for this Less is More challenge.
Have you downloaded the Nourish Manifesto?  You can get a copy here – mine is on my fridge, my i-phone and in my office blown up so I cannot miss it!