At this time of year I often reflect on what kind of year I have had. Where I have been stretched, challenged and inspired.

Who came into my life.

Who moved on.

What I want to get out of next year. Here is my round up.


The Bad.

Maybe this should be ‘the sad’ rather than ‘the bad’. A few events this year have really rocked my world. Made me question certain things in life. Made me feel like we are no longer invincible. Made me look at the past and remove the rose tinted glasses at the glare of what was really going on. What comes with this is also the chance to look to the future and set up what my family wanted. Question our direction, our values and aspirations. Hit the reset button.

The Ugly

People say things happen for a reason. Some things that happened this year I could not reason with. There was no explanation. No justification. You just had to take it on face value. This has made me look at the future and take care of my health. I wanted to be available in moments of need for family and friends. And spend more time with them to create rich memory making moments.

The Good

This year has also been a magnificent year on so many levels.

Personally – our family became four, with the arrival of a scrumptious little sister for our son. Our little boy started pre-school and settled in so well, loving the time he has to play with teachers and friends. A social butterfly. Life is rich on so many levels. And busy.

Professionally – I went back to work after maternity leave to embark on Nourish Coaching full time. This meant an emotional goodbye to some old friends at a company I had worked with for over 7 years. Scary and exciting in equal parts. An amazing few months with fabulous clients and associates.

I have had some amazing experiences and opportunities in the last few months and am so excited about 2012.

I also want to thank everyone who has been part of my year. For making it what it was.

2012 will be the year of ‘New’ for my family and I. We are about to move to a new city, Brisbane, set up a new way of life up there and explore so many new things with family.

Bye bye 2011. It’s been a big year…though I have a feeling 2012 could be bigger.


Have you got your hands on the Nourish Manifesto?  Download and print your copy here