A New Year always brings about a chance to look at things in a new light.  Acknowledging what a year it has been and what you want to get involved in both professionally and personally in the year ahead.

Here are a few tips and hints to reinvent yourself, your attitude and take a huge stride into 2012 and beyond.

10 – Put your health first. Go for a check-up, know that you are fighting fit for the future.

9 – Think positive, surround yourself with positive people. Be aware of who upsets you or makes you doubt yourself and steer clear. If a negative thought creeps in – catch it and spin it to the positive/solution.

8 – Get moving every day- energy feeds the brain. So take a walk at lunch time or hit the gym. Whatever you choose just get out and about and moving.

7 – Stress less – worry takes up so much of our time and also helps a few more lines appear on the face! Think through your dilemma and work out what you need to do to address the situation.

6 – Reconnect – with old colleagues, friends and associates you may have not spoken to for a while. Show them the new shiny you and be open to whatever may come out of those meetings. New connections? New opportunities?

5 – Ask more questions, you never know what you may get in return.

4 – Change “I can’t” to “I can” and “I should” to “I will”.

3 – Apply the 80/20 rule to your daily tasks – get the important stuff done in the first 20% of your day then let the 80% unfold. You will achieve more.

2 – Reflect regularly – when you are having your evening walk or catch-up with friends, what went well today? What are you pleased about? Positivity breeds success.

1 – The one person that matters in this world – you. Put you first more.

And then some more.

OK – you are in the driver’s seat – go forth and create your year!

If you need a visual reminder then you can download and print the Nourish Manifesto here – mine is on my fridge, my i-phone and in my office blown up so I cannot miss it!