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30 10, 2011

30 days of being in Business

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I was inspired to write this blog post today when I was checking off my invoices paid and a few other admin bits.  I suddenly realised that I have officially been trading Nourish Coaching as my sole employment for 1 whole month! Wooo – break out the …. tea!  So here I reflect on 30 key learnings in 30 days of setting up my business. […]

27 10, 2011

Have you seen my…inner gym bunny?

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I have been taking part in a 90 day Health and Fitness challenge since the beginning of September.  It is being run by a group of people through facebook and we all have to measure up and weigh in and generally keep each other accountable to our goals. My goals have been to feel fitter, be leaner and ultimately be happy to sport my red bikini at the beach this summer – eek.   Challenge is the right word for this program I am taking part in.  It is the longest diet/exercise program I have ever been involved in.  And at 36 I can tell you I have tried a few different things… […]

21 10, 2011

Coaching – Clarity in 7 Minutes

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I had a session with my own coach today.  Yes a coach has a coach. I brought what I thought was quite a complex dilemma.  Lots of ideas going on for me right now and needing some help in navigating my thoughts for the best result for my business, my clients and in turn me. […]

11 10, 2011

Stairway to Happiness

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I attended a networking function tonight hosted by Dr Anthony Grant a well known, highly regarded coaching psychologist. He was involved in an Australian TV production called “Making Australia Happy” last year and was talking through the research and what has happened to the candidates since the program aired. The program was to be a Big Brother style reality program to demonstrate the value of coaching and answer a few questions. Is happiness all in the mind.  Can you move past certain issues or roadblocks in your life by working with a coach? Can working with a coach make you happy? […]