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29 07, 2011

Friend or foe – the new workplace rules

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When I was approached by Business Chicks to write an article for their magazine ‘Latte’ the first topic I thought of was Friends at Work. There have been times in the past where I have questioned the quality and value of a work place friendship. […]

29 07, 2011

Taking the time to say ‘Thanks’

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I recently had an article published in emPower magazine.  The title was Mother Coach. I wanted to write about the reason I want to combine my coaching skills with my motherhood experience.  I wanted to share the fact that you can control your experience (more often than not) and encourage the readers to stop and reassess their own experience. When you write for magazines you hope that you inspire and create a bit of noise about the topic so I was… […]

29 07, 2011

Free as a bird

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I have had an internal battle going on recently that only another mother would understand. I have various ‘roles’ in life that require stimulation from time to time.  Some all the time. There is the role of me, mother, wife, friend, daughter and sister.  Then I am a coach, speaker, writer, colleague, mentor, business owner and employee.  The list goes on and on. […]

24 07, 2011

Networking – critical business skills

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Did you know? Networking counts for 87% of business in the marketplace Two types of people in the world- those you know and those you don’t know YET! To get the most out of any networking opportunity, you should be organised, interesting and engaging. Here’s an overview of how to prepare and get the best out of your investment of networking time. […]

17 07, 2011

Walk away… walk away!

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I am 5 months into my dance of motherhood. Evie is now 5 months and Jenson 2.2.  I have a night out.  On my own.  No children in sight for 20 whole hours! Excited?  Well if jumping around the lounge to Fat Boy Slim at 8am with my son was anything to go by.  Yep. I was fantasising for a whole week about having good quality wine, in a good quality venue, with great friends and hopefully get in some good quality (uninterrupted) sleep. […]