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28 02, 2011

Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.

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Yay – we welcomed Evie into our world on 24th February at 9.10am. The anxiety I had experienced in the lead up was worth it for the peaceful and calm birthing  experience we had.  As a lot of mothers would understand, and perhaps more so with your  second child, I was in a bit of shock when I met her.  I felt she looked so small….perhaps I  was expecting the Doctors and Midwife to produce a 21 month old sized child! She took our breath away.  Our little girl. […]

22 02, 2011

A pick ‘n’ mix of emotions

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With my due date fast approaching I found myself swinging between anxiety and excitement this week.  I am also very lucky to have some frank and honest friends who are keen to share their experiences of having a new born and toddler.  I called on them for advice this weekend and appreciated their seeds of wisdom about what could be in store over the next few weeks/months. […]

18 02, 2011

When you fall out of love

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Breaking up is hard to do – in any relationship but what about when it happens in business, your career or your marriage? I have recently experienced the trauma, grief and upset of what it is like to lose something.  Some people have wanted this change to happen, others have stumbled across it and found themselves in a cyclone of change.  But are the patterns the same? Regardless of circumstance do you experience the same feelings? […]

18 02, 2011

Toddler Tantrums and Time-out

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Well, I wasn’t expecting to have to deal with this so soon.  My gorgeous, usually very happy, friendly, kind and sharing 21 month old has decided in the last 2 days to become a little more boisterous and un-friendly!  Before I continue let me just say I know this is normal, it is a learning phase and it shall pass. I had a friend over for lunch today with her little 1 year old who, as you can imagine, thought our playroom was an absolute honey pot. […]

17 02, 2011

Where are my sleep fairies?

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I am a little concerned. In the run up to having Little Lady I am supposed to be resting.  Taking it easy and getting as much sleep as possible.  So why is it that with just over a week till due day I have been waking up at 4.30am. Experienced mums would say that it is to get me ready to wake up to feed the baby, get me prepared both physically and mentally.  But I have been here before, I know I have to get up at ridiculous-o’clock so please, let me bank the sleep now! […]

14 02, 2011

Fall in love with your career

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Valentine’s Day.  So who is on your list this year?  Do you send a card to anyone?  How about approaching [...]

10 02, 2011

Baby Brain – not with a list in my hand!

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Lists.  I love them.  I am one of these old school kind of girls that whilst embracing an iPhone with all its wonderful features…still carries a journal/diary with plenty of room for lists.  I think it is also a way of me feeling like I have things to do.  I have to open up my journal and cross each item off.  If I do not write these things down there is no guarantee they will happen. […]

8 02, 2011

What hat are you wearing today?

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One of the biggest challenges when working in your own business is being able to wear all the different hats.  Every day you switch between Sales, Marketing, Admin, Legal as well as try to focus on your strategic plan. In my experience I have found that people just sway from one role to the other as their business needs demand.  One of the first things I do when working with my clients is actually identify what their hats are. […]

7 02, 2011

Nesting – don’t mess with a nesting mumma

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Nesting. It is a funny term that is often used when referring to a heavily pregnant woman who has an obsessive compulsive disorder in organising….stuff….anything…everything!  I find it tends to happen in the last 8 weeks or so of your pregnancy.  This for me has coincided with renovating part of our house, wrapping up work and getting ready for our little lady’s arrival. […]

2 02, 2011

Coaching and motherhood – a recipe for success?

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This article was written for emPower magazine, Jun 2011 edition.- this is a national Australian magazine focusing on various forms of coaching. Two of the most life changing moments for me would have to be my journey into the profession of coaching and the journey of becoming a mother. […]