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27 01, 2011

The countdown is on…

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I finished working with today and am officially on maternity leave for (circa?) 6 months.  In just over 4 weeks I will be welcoming our new baby making us a family of 4 with 2 kids under 2. I want to keep a track on what life will be like with 2 under 2 and also fill some of my time with the chance to reflect on how I am going, how we (my husband and I) are going and  how the newly acquainted siblings are going; individually and as a team. […]

16 01, 2011

Improve your networking skills – one handshake at a time!

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Did you know? – Networking counts for 87% of business in the marketplace – Two types of people in the world- those you know and those you don’t know YET! To get the most out of any networking opportunity, you should be organised, interesting and engaging. Here’s an overview of how to prepare and get the best out of your investment of time. […]

2 01, 2011

Just call me the task mistress

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Originally written for in Jan 2010 Once upon a time I used to work full time.  I worked long hours and often burnt the candle both ends.  There were days that felt so long the only way to get over them was to make the night even longer and go to the pub!  ‘Backing it up’ on a Friday with a hazy hangover, double shot cap’ in hand recalling the songs from Karaoke the night before….I enjoyed my pay packet each month on an equal distribution of clothes (namely another pair of jeans and a ‘going out’ top) long weekend lunches by the water with friends (did we really have that many bottles?) and weekends away with my beau’ escaping the hectic lives we had created for ourselves.  Oh those were the days. Now I work part time. And I have never worked so hard in my life! […]

1 01, 2011

Interview with Sal –

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Sally-Anne emigrated to Australia from the UK in 2004.  In addition to running Nourish Coaching she manages the career development website and coaches individuals to reach new heights in their career.  Having recently had a baby and purchasing a house on the South Coast in the same week, Sally-Anne is known to not do things by halves!  She is now trying to juggle the (big)  balls of work, family and home. Originally written for January 2010 […]

1 01, 2011

Happy New Career

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This article was featured in emPower magazine Spring edition – January 2011 If you’re like most people, the following feature regularly on your New Year’s Resolution list: Get healthy and detox : Exercise more : Make more money : Save…. Well, they still can this year but let’s turn these resolutions to your career and give it a real workout. […]