I never considered using a Life Coach until I met Sal. Her vibrance and enthusiasm were just what I was needing when I had lost my motivation and direction with my business plan. I always left our sessions feeling like I could tackle anything but what I really valued was having someone to be accountable to and someone to gently push me out of procrastination mode! Thanks Sal.

— Lisa M, Sydney, NSW

So, I was a silent stalker of Sal on Facebook and I loved how her warmth and energy shined through. Then when I received an opportunity which was both exciting but also challenging I reached out for her help and it was THE BEST DECISION EVER. One session and I have the clarity in my decision making and the confidence to really challenge myself and move forward! I LOVED our session today and feel like my thoughts now have such greater focus and accountability – always a good thing!

— K, Melbourne

Applying for my first job in 5 years after being a full time mum was a daunting and seemingly unmountable task. I didn’t even know where to start with my resume! Sal broke it down into manageable, bite sized pieces and helped me to hone in on my marketable skills in a way I just couldn’t have done by myself.

— Lauren, Brisbane

“I met Sally-Anne shortly after speaking with a close friend about some difficulties I was experiencing with my career and general outlook on life. As it turns out my friend had been experiencing some challenges of their own which they had overcome with the support of Nourish Coaching. I had just started a new job, having left a company that I had only joined seven months earlier. The previous role had not been a good fit but leaving had taken its impact on my self-confidence and as a result I was doubting my ability to succeed in my new role. As a first-time father of a six month old girl, I was terribly anxious about the possibility of losing my new job and failing to support my family as I felt I should. My confidence was at an all-time low, I wasn’t happy a lot of the time, nothing appealed to me as fun and I was starting to drag my relationship with my wife down with me. This was something I couldn’t keep doing, especially at a hectic time of raising our daughter. As a man, it was hard to accept that I needed some extra support to take a step back and get some perspective on my situation and overturn my anxious, negative thinking. Sally-Anne was like a warm cuddle! She jumped in my corner and provided the support and back-up I needed to start turning things around and re-balance and strengthen me to again take charge of my life and the direction I wanted to take it in. It has been about 5 months since I first met Sal and my progress during that time has been fantastic. Sal’s insights and ability to tailor her approach to fit different moods and challenges I brought to our discussions always enabled me to walk away with real actions to implement and better ways of thinking. Sal is an exceptional coach and I am so grateful to have met her!”

— Steve, Brisbane

What an outstanding example of someone who is exceptional at what they do!! Thank you for helping me find the clarity and courage to create the career (and life) I want. You inspire me to think bigger (if that is possible!) but ground me with much needed structure so that I actually get things done! You were the first and best investment I made, before I even knew I wanted to take this road. You have been integral in helping me get this far, so thank you! I am delighted to have you right with me, and can’t wait to see what we come up with in the next phase!!

— Lori Tyrrell, Perth

Sally-Anne helped me through an intense period of reflection and consideration of career paths. I found her coaching gave me a clear framework to work through my decisions. The sessions , and the quick catch ups in between, were invaluable in guiding me through an application process, and left me feeling prepared and ready for the next steps.

— Liz, Brisbane

I am so grateful for your time and guidance in our sessions these last couple of months . When I first contacted you I wasn’t sure if I needed career or life coaching but it seems you worked that out for me and gave me a bit of both. I have since felt inspired , motivated and more self assured. It seems that I am not really off track at all in my life & career – I just needed some direction and confidence and a little boost !!! I am definitly of the opinion that while I might feel a little unsure and wavering , that just about every one else is too!!!!! Eye opening!!! I saw on IG that you were asking people to make a statement or hashtag for 2015 and I have thought long and hard about this. I wanted something savvy , sassy and shiny – so my handle for this year is #beluminous but also # I-got-this

— Jude Butcher, Regional NSW

Yep, I finally got a job!!! I am starting tomorrow and I am excited to be finally starting my new career direction. Thanks so much Sal for your role in preparing me, it has been such a help to have your knowledge, insight to the recruitment industry, feedback and positive language skills. I will see you at the next stage of my journey, down the track a bit.

— Kat Bailey, Brisbane

Sally-Anne made all the difference in my job search. I basically had little idea as to the best way to approach career opportunities. I’ve learnt so much and I’ve been able to really get clear on what my strengths are and how much I’ve achieved. She gave me the tools, confidence, and direction in developing my career. She’s encouraged me to go beyond my rather narrow view of career possibilities, got me thinking of where I want to be in the long term and helped me be optimistic. Sally-Anne’s coaching was very professional, structured, clear, practical and empowering. Not only creating a winning resume, interview techniques, but it also opened the whole new world of networking to me, which is very exciting to explore. It was the best investment – getting Sally-Anne on my side. I highly recommend Sally-Anne and hope that others use her services to further their own career.

— Nina Trofimova, Sydney, NSW

Hiring Sally- Anne for career coaching is probably the best initiative I undertook. She is highly skilled in the advice she provides especially around new ideas. She is creative, personable,supportive and available. She is good value and I would highly recommend her services for anyone needing to seek advice on career advancement.

— Bimal, Brisbane

Just a quick word of thanks to Sal at Nourish Coaching….I have my confidence back and I have genuinely found a path that I am happy with, not only career wise but personally too. I know this may sound cliche but through Sal’s coaching my life has changed! I now focus on what is important! Thanks for opening my eyes Sal! Looking forward to working with you in 2013!

— Jen Sloane, Melbourne

Firstly a big thank you for helping me the last couple of months in what I call ‘my journey to greatness’. After being out of the workforce for a number of years my self-confidence and confidence in my ability to undertake anything outside of the home was incredibly low. One thing I did know is that I needed to start contributing to the family income as we were starting to go backwards at hurtling speeds. The big thing I had to overcome was how do I return to work with my husband working away and still be around for my children. After all they are the my biggest achievement and I don’t want to miss out on not being there for them. With your gentle way, kind and repetitive words (yes, I did hear you when you said things 3 times!) you helped me regain so much. You helped me look inside and challenge myself in ways I had not thought about for a long time. Slowly but surely I started to believe in myself again and the big one, that maybe, just maybe I could apply and maybe even be successful at getting a job. It was a bit of a long road and I have certainly had my bumps (even Mount Everest) along the way. But you helped bring out the bulldozer and keep me on track. I stayed true to myself and my family and finally my hard work of applying for jobs has paid off. I am in my second week of ‘work experience’ as a book keeper for an accounting firm in City. I have found a sense of determination, willingness and satisfaction and boy, I have missed those feelings. After another 2 weeks my work experience will turn into a part time work – some days in the city and some from home. I have started a certificate IV in bookkeeping and I have a grin from ear to ear. I am not fearful anymore, instead I am giving it all I have got and that is the most awesome feeling.

I appreciate the homework you gave me, the questions you asked, the thoughts you provoked, the quick phone calls to emails I sent you. And above all for holding my hand when I needed it the most and reassuring me when I didn’t believe. I find great comfort in knowing that you are still there, if I need help in getting the bulldozer out again. To anyone that is on their ‘journey to greatness’ and needing a little assistance, Sal is your gal!

— Erica

Sally-Anne’s extensive experience in career and life coaching was an absolute godsend for me. Stuck in a tedious job with no fulfilment and lacking the motivation to make a change due to fear of the uncertainty, I finally decided to bite the bullet and reach out to Sally-Anne for professional advice and to gain the confidence I needed to make a drastic career change. After just one session with Sally-Anne I felt an overwhelming sense of belief and determination to finally act on my instincts and make the change I so desperately craved. With each session that passed, I was given more and more tools to help steer me onto the right path and progressively work my way into another industry. Yes, it may have taken a few years to get here, but I can now genuinely say, I absolutely love my job! It’s thanks to Sally-Anne’s inspiring words of encouragement, ongoing support networks and goal-setting tools that have enabled me to transform my dreams into a reality. I would encourage anyone feeling unsatisfied in their current career to contact Sally-Anne. You won’t look back.”

— Ashleigh