I started a small business following maternity leave when my little one was just six months old. As I was limited by financial resources I tried to do it all on my own, but I soon realised that the time I had to spend on my business was limited even more than my financial restraints! Juggling a small business and being a Mum is hard work! Sometimes it’s hard enough to find the time to wash my hair let alone run a business!
Fast forward to Sal. It was a brave step to take in terms of commitment, but I haven’t looked back since. Sal helped me to see all the potential my business has. She set some wheels spinning and I am now more in control of my brand and have greater clarity of what it is I want to achieve. I have a better understanding about how to market myself without feeling as though I’m doing a cheesy sale pitch! Sal’s strategies have accelerated my business growth considerably and helped me to prioritise tasks to ensure I get the most out of my efforts. I am much more confident moving forwards now and I know that if I ever need support, Sal is just a phone call away!

— Kelly Prosser, Fluid

When I first met with Sally-Anne I had no direction for my business nor did I have a clear understanding of what I was offering. My confidence and self belief was low. After three sessions together I now have clarity in my business plan and direction as well as the confidence to aim high and achieve my dreams. Thanks to Sal my business will thrive and go from strength to strength.

— Kylie Lannan, Brisbane

Partnering with Sal is all about possibilities: I had established my own business, but I wanted to take it to the next level in terms of the services I was offering and the clients I was attracting. Sal helped me to do this by offering different perspectives, by suggesting some new options and by challenging some of my assumptions. And she always did this in a way that was engaging, stimulating, practical and fun. I thoroughly recommend Sal to anyone who wants to take their business to new heights.

— Heather Linaker, Brisbane

Simply, Nourish coaching has been the best decision I have ever made. I knew I wanted to work with Sal before even speaking to her simply due the tone of her Facebook posts – every post resonated with me! Being self employed, I was lacking focus, clarify and structure to my workday but even after just one session with Sal, my motivation sky rocketed. I found so much valued in my sessions that my husband, the company director, had coaching sessions to great benefit. We are a bit of a ‘work in progress’ & ‘watch this space’ kind of company but with Sal as one of our most valued business assets, I know that we will reach our business goals and continue to grow in a methodical and structured way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

— Taryn

I was at a serious cross-roads with my business. I needed help. Investing in a Coach didn’t feel tangible, especially because we’d only be able to meet up via Skype. How glad am I took the plunge and invested in Sal? After just one session I was back on track and three months in I’m getting serious results. Tangible results.

— Stacy

Thank you for our business coaching sessions so far. As a small business owner, I have so many ideas but I didn’t have the structure and plans in place to make them happen. Utilising your business coaching service has helped me prioritise my ideas and make them happen. You have given me useful tools and advice to help me grow my business, things I hadn’t thought of. I look forward to our sessions. They are beneficial, helpful, and professional and yet I feel like I am talking with a good friend who has my best interests at heart. That is a hard mix to find.

— Angela, Sydney

Nourish Coaching has been one of the best investments our business has made. Sally was professional and prepared for every session and she gave us the direction we needed to grow our business. Together we worked on building and formalising our basic processes and procedures to ensure the fundamentals of our business were in place ready for our growth. I highly recommend Nourish Coaching to any business.

— Barbelles, Brisbane

Sal from Nourish Coaching has helped myself and my business immensely. Sal is very knowledgeable, flexible, easy to talk to and full of fabulous ideas and suggestions. I am now more focussed on what needs to be done for my business and with Sal’s help, she enabled me to plan and take my business further.

— Kim, NSW

When I began working with Sal at Nourish Coaching, I had no idea what to expect. Thankfullly, she knew exactly what she was doing, where to start and after our first meeting, where we were going. Sal is a no nonsense woman and gets straight to the point, all with a calm and nurturing attitude. I found it so refreshing to have someone I could trust with all of my business insecurities who would not only encourage me verbally, but practically set achievable goals to move my business forward and in the right direction. Whether it was meeting in person, or a phone call or text, I always felt as though Sal was on my team, cheering me on and wanting the best for me and my business and providing me with the accountability I needed to push through the tough stages. Sally-Anne has taken me from a place of utter confusion and self doubt, and changed my mindset towards my work and its value, which has altered the way I run my business and the way I showcase and market my brand. This itself has been an invaluable lesson to me that i will hold onto now and in the future. I cannot thank Sal enough for her time and commitment to helping me achieve my professional goals and dreams.

— Alicia Bruce, Brisbane

I have been working with Sal for a few months now. She has been instrumental in taking my business from an abstract conceptual idea to a fully functioning business. Sal has guided and advised me through the very steep learning curve of starting up a small business for the first time – being able to leverage off her extensive knowledge and contacts about things I didn’t even know existed! Sal has supported and challenged me every step of the way, continually providing me with the belief that I am not an imposter and I can do this! She has kept me motivated and accountable when I felt like the ship was sinking……And most importantly, I have made a wonderful new friend.

— Melissa Meagher, Brisbane

Not having previous experience in setting up a small business I needed to find a like minded professional and knowledgeable person to assist me, Sal from Nourish was the perfect fit! Sal has previous experience in the corporate sector so could relate with me but also was able to provide me with invaluable resources, insights and validation where necessary but most importantly was honest when I was not on the right track! Sal has the ability to make you feel comfortable to ask anything. With Sal she helped me build belief in my business and gave me the confidence to pursue areas of business optimisation I wouldn’t have thought of myself. I look forward to ongoing sessions with Sal to further enhance my opportunities. Thank you.

— Miriam Fois, Brisbane