• Are you looking for a new job and need help with your resume/CV?

  • Do you want to change careers and have no idea where to start?

  • Would you like to be in control of your career and have a sense of where you are heading?

We understand that from time to time you need to have expertise and guidance with your career objectives.  Looking for a new job can be daunting.  Updating your resume/CV and preparing for interviews is time consuming.  Trying to change careers is even more challenging.  Having a plan of where you want to go with your career and sticking to that plan requires a lot of preparation, planning and commitment.

A Career Coaching program can help you navigate your career, save time and enhance your confidence in just a few sessions.

What is Career Coaching?

Working with a Career Coach allows you to work out exactly what it is you would like to achieve within your career and set up a plan to make that happen.

We have a number of tailored solutions that enable you to get the best outcome for your circumstances.

Sally-Anne offers advice and guidance through one-off coaching sessions and 3 or 6 session programs.

Coaching is available to anyone wanting to seek advice or guidance about any aspect of their career or job search strategies.

  • Are you are looking for a change in direction?
  • Need help with your resume and interview skills?
  • Do you want a promotion and need a strategy for success?

Whatever your need we can help you start to navigate success in 90 minutes and create amazing results in our 3 session 90 minute coaching programs.

How does it work?

Once you have identified your dilemma and are booked in to meet with your Career Coach you will be asked to provide the background to the situation you would like to discuss.  You may wish to email a copy of your resume or any other relevant documentation to ensure that you Career Coach has access to the necessary information in advance of the meeting.  At the meeting you can expect to discuss your dilemma in more detail while your Career Coach also challenges and asks more questions.  You will work together to create a list of actions that not only stretch you but also enable you to achieve the success you desire.

Our previous clients have found these sessions incredibly useful in moving forward with their career and job search.

Don’t just take our word for it, see our testimonials.


I found Sal’s coaching invaluable in helping me make the transition to the next level in my career. She took the time to understand my objectives and assisted me in planning the best path to achieve them.
I have worked with Sally-Anne for 6 months. In the best possible way, it feels like much longer! This is because the guidance and input she has provided me with and the progress I have therefore made, has surpassed what I expected. I do not hesitate recommending Sally-Anne as a mentor, coach or adviser. I know she will help and inspire you just as she did me.
Sally-Anne has provided me with great advice and help that I will use right throughout my career. I consider Sally-Anne to be a leading expert in her field in Australia and would thoroughly recommend her services.

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