20 12, 2012

Look back to look forward…

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It is that time of year where we can think about what 2012 was like in it’s entirety.  Where we anticipate what 2013 may bring.  Things we would like to do differently.  The person we want to be, the job or business we want to be in, in the life we want to live.  It is also a great opportunity to really give this reflection the respect and time it deserves.  365 days occurred in 2012.  What moments do you recall?  The good or the bad.  What do you dwell on? What can you do differently next year? […]

20 09, 2012

A round up, donation and make a wish!

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Well it has been a fabulous week.  I know, I know I have totally milked this 1st birthday. But you do that with 1st birthday’s don’t you? I am sure next year I will be far more composed.  This year I am giddy with excitement.  I have had an amazing week let alone year! So you know the theory of what you put out there you get back in return?   […]

18 09, 2012

365 – an amazing year – thank you!

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So here we are.  Hip Hip Hooray. I made it.  We made it! I think I have often referred to this when asked what it is like to run my own show.  Running your own business – you approach each day with equal parts of anxiety and excitement – this, my friend, is called motivation! So 365 days in.  Am I operating any differently to when I was only 30 days in business? Not really.  Perhaps consistency is the key? […]

16 09, 2012

Resiliency – a personal reflection

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    When an invite came through recently for a workshop on the art of Resilience I immediately replied.  Yes. Not only do I look forward to networking with other coaches in Brisbane face to face, I was also really interested in the topic. Some of you may know that 2011 was a pretty testing year for me (and others).  But for some of my clients 2012 has been a tough year.  So, notebook under arm and pleased to be socialising with adults of a Saturday morning I headed to the workshop in sunny Paddington. […]

21 05, 2012

How to progress your Career – Live TV interview on Ten

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I had the best start to a Monday EVER today!   I was invited on to the Channel Ten Breakfast show to talk through new research from Linked In that suggested all you needed was 9 minutes a day to progress your career. I really liked the angle of the research conducted in line with William Arruda who is a internationally acclaimed Personal Branding specialist.  9 minutes is the amount of time that we have before we get distracted or lose concentration. […]

20 05, 2012

What’s your Why?

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I went along to a workshop with Simon Sinek last week.  The name seemed familiar and when I googled him I realised I had watched his TED Talk some time ago. His presentation was all about finding your why.  Your purpose in life.  What you are passionate about.  So many of my clients often struggle with this or have never even thought about it. I found my why once upon a time when I could not see the woods for the trees. And then suddenly it occurred to me – I help people connect with themselves, help people reinvent themselves and in turn help them make new connections – this could be a new job, new idea or just a new way of thinking. […]

12 03, 2012

The coaching journey- a fun run!

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Having recently moved to Brisbane one of the things I was keen to do was take advantage of the glorious Queensland weather.  So, having now been here for 8 weeks I think I can call myself an outdoor Runner. You see I used to think I was not a runner – just a person who kept trying to run 2km, 3km and then 5km.  Then I entered into some fun runs. Two words that would never normally sit side by side in my world. […]

28 02, 2012

10 things to know about a leap year

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  So here we are – 29th February 2012.  A leap year. A year that has 366 days in it. A year that sparks a flurry of females to propose to their fellas. Today’s post is a lighthearted look at 10 things to know about a leap year!   […]

1 02, 2012

Less is More – Happy Days

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I was invited to an event last night held by a Brisbane based business called excelleration where the attendees would learn about “1st World Problems – real world solutions” presented by Emily Diamond. The topic appealed to me on 2 levels.  Having recently moved to Brisbane it would be worthwhile connecting with some like minded individuals in an environment with an interesting topic. As you may recall I am also striving to live a life of Less is More this year so finding out more about this from a global perspective appealed. […]

23 01, 2012

If you change nothing…nothing will change

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Imagine being on a train.  You know where it is heading, how many carriages it has, what stops have gone by so far and what stops are ahead of you.  Feels safe.  Secure in the knowledge you will reach your chosen destination.  Now imagine someone asking you to get off that train.  Step onto another.  With a blindfold on!  No idea what the journey looks like.  Not quite sure where the train will stop. How would you feel now? […]