16 09, 2012

Resiliency – a personal reflection

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    When an invite came through recently for a workshop on the art of Resilience I immediately replied.  Yes. Not only do I look forward to networking with other coaches in Brisbane face to face, I was also really interested in the topic. Some of you may know that 2011 was a pretty testing year for me (and others).  But for some of my clients 2012 has been a tough year.  So, notebook under arm and pleased to be socialising with adults of a Saturday morning I headed to the workshop in sunny Paddington. […]

13 07, 2012

Connecting on LinkedIn

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  Everyone is talking about networking online. Whether it is twitter, facebook or linkedin, it seems you need to be spending some time online in your personal or professional life. […]

21 05, 2012

How to progress your Career – Live TV interview on Ten

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I had the best start to a Monday EVER today!   I was invited on to the Channel Ten Breakfast show to talk through new research from Linked In that suggested all you needed was 9 minutes a day to progress your career. I really liked the angle of the research conducted in line with William Arruda who is a internationally acclaimed Personal Branding specialist.  9 minutes is the amount of time that we have before we get distracted or lose concentration. […]

28 03, 2012

10 Steps to Leadership – and it starts and ends with you.

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We have all experienced a ‘bad’ manager right?  You know the ones.  Talk the talk.  No backing it up.  Maybe you have  talked about them – waited patiently for their fall and tried your best not to support them?  Well put yourself in the shoes of the aspiring leader. The skills to manage can certainly be intrinsic but also those that are acquired need to be practiced as much as possible.  Why?  Your team and waiting with their arms crossed and for you to prove yourself and walk the walk. […]

18 02, 2012

Working overseas – plain sailing?

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In the last few weeks I have received 2 calls relating to working overseas. Now the calls have not been along the lines of “should I work overseas?” more about how to get their partners onside. Let’s look at compromise and how you can have a discussion with your loved ones about whether this is the right thing for you to pursue now. […]

16 02, 2012

Am I going into the right job?

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I am often asked by my clients how to decide whether they are choosing the right role. Who has the crystal ball to know where this job will take them? My ‘5 point plan’ will help you flesh out the most important decisions you need to make when  looking for a job and before accepting an offer of employment. […]

13 02, 2012

Happy Valentines Day – Love your work!

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Happy Valentine’s Day. So who is on your list this year?  Will you send a card to anyone? How about approaching your job search with the Valentine’s Day concept in mind?  […]

23 01, 2012

If you change nothing…nothing will change

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Imagine being on a train.  You know where it is heading, how many carriages it has, what stops have gone by so far and what stops are ahead of you.  Feels safe.  Secure in the knowledge you will reach your chosen destination.  Now imagine someone asking you to get off that train.  Step onto another.  With a blindfold on!  No idea what the journey looks like.  Not quite sure where the train will stop. How would you feel now? […]

31 12, 2011

This is NOT a post about New Year Resolutions

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  Instead of writing a post about New Year Resolutions this year I want to make a “Statement of Change for 2012”. As mentioned in my previous blog post 2011 has been an emotionally stretched year. With an interstate move in 2012 it is a chance for me to really embrace change and challenge myself personally and professionally. […]

21 12, 2011

Happy Holiday – see you in 2012

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