24 12, 2013

One word – focus on 2014

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  Thirty Five percent of people set New Year resolutions but only 23% see them through.   Those that know me really well know I do not believe in setting resolutions.  I see them as a big fat way to set your self up for failure.  Why put yourself through that when you can hone in on one word?  Yes.  One word to enable you to stay on track and focused.   Seems easier right?  But the process of getting there is a little harder.  You need to think through your year, reflect and notice patterns. […]

18 09, 2013

Skills for a new generation of workers.

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Generation Y have had a bad wrap over the last few years.  They are the game changers, the fidgets, they want more and want it now.  They are the digital generation that have a fresh new perspective on life and  continually question WHY. I recently presented to the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia about the importance of being a Career Climber and not a Career Plodder.   As part of the event I was invited to be on a panel of successful career climbing GenY students/employees. What an incredible bunch of people.  The most amazing thing about this group of people, as themes, was their curiosity and commitment to their careers. […]

8 08, 2013

Your career – your 4 commitments.

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Guest Post from Arlene Chandler – freelance writer When it comes to pursuing a more fulfilling career, it may seem like there are many external factors working against you; family, location, age, education, or money (or lack of) are excuses that many people use to blame their stagnant, unmotivated state of being. While it’s natural to get comfortable in any situation when you’ve been there long enough, it’s important to never give up on the goals you desire to reach. […]

9 05, 2013

Richard Branson, Goody Bags and Futurists

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“I don’t think of work as work and play as play. It’s all living.” – Richard Branson I went along to the Business Chicks breakfast in Brisbane today. At 640am in Merivale Street there was a definate buzz, an energy and a stream of scent in the air as impeccably presented women (and a few men) arrived at the Exhibition Centre for the Richard Branson Breakfast. Now why would you pay $189 to go and see Richard?  Well having read his books, having watched his success, admired the way he keeps his life private, his private island, preferring to fly Virgin etc etc  – here he was in BrisVegas talking to us!  I am not sure we really knew what to expect but there were 1300 of us prepared to be in a room ready to go by 7am  this morning – all excited to be in the same room as Mr Virgin. […]

24 04, 2013

Career Climber…or Plodder?

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Having worked in the recruitment industry for over 13 years I think I am well placed to talk about the different types of employees there are out there. I wish I had better terms for the two distinct camps of people that I have met, time and time again.  Age does not really come into it.  Neither does it matter whether male or female.  There are two different types of individual.  The Career Climber and the Career Plodder. Now looking at these in more detail.. […]

10 04, 2013

The chance to change

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Everything happens for a reason, right?  Every now and again life presents you with a  dilemma. For a moment you may feel stuck.  Unsure of what to do. Scared of the outcome. Yet there is also something exhilarating about moments like these.  They allow you to create yourself. Reinvent yourself. […]

12 03, 2013

I ‘still’ do – my commitment project

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So you remember last year instead of banging on about new year’s resolutions I decided to go for one word.  One word that would stand the test of time – ok, ok… represent the year ahead and be able to apply it to all areas of my life: family, health, business.  That word was Commitment – Saying I do to me.  You can read the original post here So it is now mid March and we are 11 weeks into the year and as so many people lose sight of their new year resolution goals I thought it would only be fair to share how I am going.  I do try and practice what I preach you know. […]

20 12, 2012

Look back to look forward…

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It is that time of year where we can think about what 2012 was like in it’s entirety.  Where we anticipate what 2013 may bring.  Things we would like to do differently.  The person we want to be, the job or business we want to be in, in the life we want to live.  It is also a great opportunity to really give this reflection the respect and time it deserves.  365 days occurred in 2012.  What moments do you recall?  The good or the bad.  What do you dwell on? What can you do differently next year? […]

20 09, 2012

A round up, donation and make a wish!

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Well it has been a fabulous week.  I know, I know I have totally milked this 1st birthday. But you do that with 1st birthday’s don’t you? I am sure next year I will be far more composed.  This year I am giddy with excitement.  I have had an amazing week let alone year! So you know the theory of what you put out there you get back in return?   […]

18 09, 2012

365 – an amazing year – thank you!

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So here we are.  Hip Hip Hooray. I made it.  We made it! I think I have often referred to this when asked what it is like to run my own show.  Running your own business – you approach each day with equal parts of anxiety and excitement – this, my friend, is called motivation! So 365 days in.  Am I operating any differently to when I was only 30 days in business? Not really.  Perhaps consistency is the key? […]