roadblockHow To Get Past The Barriers For Success

Do you know what your barrier to success looks like? Is it a massive black brick wall, a bright yellow detour sign in the middle of the road, or maybe a don’t walk signal where you can even hear the beeping sound as it ticks closer to showing a green man so you can get moving forward again. Now that I’ve said this, I bet you’ve chosen one and can see it in your mind. And that’s a good place for it, because barriers to success live largely in our mind, created by us.

We can create limiting beliefs 

Yes, that’s right, we create our own limiting beliefs. These are things we think from just being told once that something we did was not good enough, our idea was too ‘out there’, or people laughed at our suggestion or something similar. Some of these beliefs are:

  • Oh I can’t do that
  • I don’t have the education
  • I was never good at that
  • I’m scared
  • I’m too shy.

While these may start because of another person or event, we are the ones who choose to hold on to it, who choose to believe and limit ourselves.

 We sabotage our success 

Sometimes we’re not even aware of this, but a lot of us self-sabotage reaching our goals, while others sabotage success because of fear. Usually that fear is of failure and occasionally it’s a fear of success. Any way you look at it, we sabotage our success by finding ways to prevent ourselves from reaching our goals. The devilish ways we block ourselves from success include:

  • procrastination
  • comparing to others
  • inaction
  • disconnecting
  • bad habits
  • a negative mindset.

We write off success
Whatever our idea of success is – what it looks like, smells like, feels like, sounds like, or even tastes like – we can give up at any point along the way, we can write off achieving our success. Whether it’s before we start taking any action, part way through when the going gets tough, or as classic cartoons show, giving up just before reaching success. Some of us just start thinking that the effort required is too much for the goal we want to achieve – crazy right?

 We share with the wrong people 

This is a classic problem in life and business, and one that can be a little tricky to deal with. Sharing our goals, our vision for success, with the wrong people is a sure-fire way to create a barrier to our success. Think about it, we don’t talk all about work at a school mums’ dinner; or the latest apps for business efficiency with your mum and dad (or grandparents). Choosing the wrong audience to share our career and business success goals is a no-no.

Now if one of more of these barriers for success resonate with you, and you’re ready to get out of your own way and really fire up your business, career or life, then get in contact with me.




 Sally-Anne Blanshard is the founder and Director of Nourish Coaching and  helps people reinvent their careers, businesses and life through structured  coaching programs.  She has been featured on TV, Radio and is often quoted  in newspapers and magazines.