10892032_1005133629502480_6782982600387095381_nNothing quite like a new year to bring on a whole new perspective to your life.  I asked on my instagram and facebook page recently what people’s focus would be in 2015.

There were some immediate responses and others wanted to ponder on this for a while.

My own was brought about after having had a word for a year previously…

I find New Year Resolutions too hard, too much to commit to and often they are broken early on so by having a word it is easier!

2012 – was all about bringing my laughter back.  I was a mum to a toddler and newborn, had launched this little baby nourish and also moved to Brisbane from Sydney.  Maybe the word could have been adapt – but to be honest I do that pretty well so by having a bit of laughter across my whole life I felt I was ‘lightening up’, not taking myself so seriously, enjoying the craziness we had put ourselves in and claim a bit of the old me back!

2013 – Was all about commitment – to my health, my relationship, my family, my clients, making sure every area had a lot of love.  I set boundaries around my diet, my exercise,  brought date nights back and ensured I had more balance.  This worked a treat for me as I signed up for half marathon that year to do in 2014!

2014 – All about BELIEVE – I can do what I put my mind to – I shed kilos, ran 21km in a hot and humid twilight half marathon and secured work in the corporate space a place I had been on sabbatical from for 2 years.  It was so great to tender for this work and deliver unique workshops for the businesses with fabulous feedback.  With my family I started to help them believe – my son became a school boy and learnt to ride a bike without stabilisers, my daughter learnt to scoot.  There is something quite magical about having a sense of belief – it carries positivity and opportunity. ‘Scatter that shit everywhere’ is a quote I often see on instagram!

What will 2015 deliver?

Well as the quote goes:
If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.
And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.
Jim Rohn

Some of clients words for the year?  Embrace  Hope  Enrich  Balance  Leap

My phrase – ok I am breaking my own rules – it is a phrase now!  Mix it Up!  I have everything I need in order to live a happy, successful and fulfilled life I just need to mix it up – so if you think of all the areas – Health, Fitness, Career, Family, Financial Security, Personal Growth, Hobbies.  I will be mixing it up all over the show!

But thats another blog post – coming soon to an inbox near you.

Happy New Years to you all – wishing you the BEST of everything.


If you would like to learn more about what you need to FOCUS on for 2015 please contact me.