Inourish-caket’s that time of year again.  Can you believe we are here already?  I remember my parents commenting on how the years went faster as they got older and now in my 39th year I could not agree more.  I also catch myself saying things that my folks do too!

There is something about this time of year.  Time for reflection, calm and a slice of ssshhh as my kids have come to know it..

Maybe it is also because I am about to embark on my 40th year not that I can really believe I am here – I still feel the same as I did in my early twenties (*insert parent comment!)  It has also been quite a challenging year juggling my family’s needs in the UK with the demanding needs of my own young family here. And of course everything else that makes up my life such as my relationships, health and fitness, personal development  and my business.  I often walk my clients through the wheel of life and thought I could use this easy to use tool to reflect on my own year.


As the two little big kids march into their 4th and 6th year we have entered into a new adventure with our family.  They are fiercely independent and speak up about anything and everything.  They also make us laugh often and cry with pride.  My son completed his first year as a preppie and with flying colours too – I am so proud of the little man he has become – caring, respectful and an insatiable curiosity about the world around him.  My daughter expresses herself with dancing, singing and generally making life her stage.  Our friendship has really evolved this year with my Mumday-Mondays and we have a lot of fun hanging out together.  She is loud and I am proud.  My mini-me.  I have had the ongoing support of my husband and in-laws who continue to step in when I need to step out or fly out as I did to the UK and on business trips this year – the logistics of managing your family is nothing short of a military operation and I salute you! Moving overseas 11 years ago was always going to be testing when you have family that also need you from time to time.  This has added a little more pressure to the pot this year but as your parents age you have a duty of care and start to parent their needs a little too.  I am the optimist of the family so always try to send sunshine when life at times can appear dark.


I remember finding my old school report earlier in the year and compared it to my daughters.  We are both very social and caring and love to help!  This year is my 3rd in Brisbane and 11th in Australia and I have friends dotted all over the globe.  Time is so precious these days that your social life can often fall by the way side.   My new friendships are now often created through my kids or my business.  I am grateful to have become part of an incredibly supportive school mum collective and also a phenomenal bunch of business brains who continue to support, challenge and mentor me.  You know who you are!


The business entered its 3rd year.  Sometimes I am not sure how I got here when I recall the kids being so young when I started.  But I am here and next year I intend to mix things up a bit.  I have worked with some incredibly inspiring people and cannot help but think that they also crossed my path as I needed them in my life too.  I am so grateful for every testimonial, every referral and the ongoing support you provide to me.  I stepped back into the corporate space this year and trained/workshopped/presented to many.  I revel in this space as it feels like familiar ground and yet it is great to step back into the comfort of your own business too.  Nourish Coaching continued to get exposure in the media with many comments and articles featured online and in magazines.  Practice what I preach hey!  Collaboration is key to leveraging my business next year and I am excited about what the future looks like in the career and small business space.

Personal Growth

I learnt a lot about the brain this year with the i4 assesstment tool and in turn fed my own brain with new material to use in 2015.  I am excited to be working with the About my Brain team and supporting them in helping professionals rediscover the inner core abilities required to lead and thrive in this ever-changing world.

Health & Fitness

With the help of a very sparkly Tara Hammett I discovered the benefits of clean eating and this also fuelled me to complete my first (and only?) half marathon.  It is not just about the event itself it is also all the training that goes into it…I ran …. a lot.  I also completed the 40 fun runs by the time I am 40 with a 41st run before my birthday…and then injured my foot so the running has taken a back seat now.  I am looking forward to scoping out a new challenge for 2015 and will keep you posted…


It is so important for me to be near the ocean.  I find it to be healing, cleansing and invigorating all at the same time.  It is my happy place and for holidays, weekends and play you will always find me seeking out the water.  The kids enjoyed boogie boarding, jumping the waves and bobbing along in the deeper waves too.  We are looking at making a move to the water next year and scoping out a new place to live is on the cards – an exciting move that also supports this new chapter for our family.   I learnt to paddleboard this year too and really enjoyed the freedom of being on the water – ok, ok and in it many times too.  I wonder if I can host client sessions on a paddleboard?  Who is in?

So – as you start to slow down and enjoy quality time with family  friends remember also to take a moment for yourself and reflect.  Have a slice of sssshhhh – you deserve it.


If you would like to learn more about the wheel of life and what you need to FOCUS on for 2015 please contact me.