When we think of tag lines we normally think of companies.  Big name followed by tag line.  It helps them define their brand and relay their message to the masses.

So I have been thinking about this a lot lately with both my business coaching clients and career coaching clients.

What is your tag line?  How can the people you are meeting or interacting with, learn more about your brand in an instant.

During a run at the weekend I was looking at a lot of tshirts.  Typically the back of tshirts as I was behind them.  Most of those that were branded had a tag line.

  • QR National – moving a nation (Queensland Rail)
  • Tourism Queensland – where Australia shines
  • KPMG – cutting through complexity

You get a feel for what this company offers – what they want you to connect with or understand about their business.  For some it takes months or years of research to even to come up with these little tag lines let alone settle on one that works!

So what if you do not own a company and want to work on your personal brand.  It is worthwhile looking at your Values.  Identifying what is important to you.  People will look for congruence between who you are and how you are living.  By working out your tag line or defining brand you can be remembered.

So take a look at the 7 tips below on how can you create your tag line:

  • Think about what you want your customers/colleagues to think and feel when they interact with you.
  • In business – consider action words to create action – Nike’s line works wonders here.
  • Ask your customers/colleagues – what do they like about working with you, what would they say in feedback? Is there a common theme?
  • Use a thesaurus!  Such a great resource.  You can review other words that may also have the same or similar meaning.
  • Make it memorable!
  • Use it!  Consider using it on marketing materials, business cards, in email signatures, in your Linked In profile.
  • Deliver – whatever it is you are creating ensure you can back it up.
People often comment on my own tag line – Feed Your Career Cravings : Satisfy Life’s Appetite.  It has the foody thing going on with the company name of Nourish.  I brain stormed this in a log cabin during a particularly wet and cold winter weekend in the Blue Mountains.  I still have the scribbles in a note book!    In writing this blog I have looked back over testimonials and recommendations and see a common theme  for my personal brand – positive, inspiring, knowledgable and passionate.
Tag lines are extension of your Personal Brand.  Your reputation.  Your Credibility.
Your success.