Thirty Five percent of people set New Year resolutions but only 23% see them through.


Those that know me really well know I do not believe in setting resolutions.  I see them as a big fat way to set your self up for failure.  Why put yourself through that when you can hone in on one word?  Yes.  One word to enable you to stay on track and focused.   Seems easier right?  But the process of getting there is a little harder.  You need to think through your year, reflect and notice patterns.

In 2011 I moved to Brisbane from Sydney.  It was a stressful time. My new life was full of challenges.  Setting up my new business in a new city, keeping my one and three year old entertained, making new friends and buying a new home.  Fair bit of change to juggle!  So looking back over that year – the moments of stress, tension and worry could have been made lighter with LAUGHTER.  I wanted to lighten up, laugh more with my kids, have fun working with people I like and laugh when things went a little wrong! So my intention for 2012 was set, and it worked out quite well.

2013 was more about COMMITMENT.  I had always put everyone else’s happiness and priorities ahead of my own – a natural mothering thing to do.  But now I had emerged through the baby bubble – my kids were little toddlers at 2 and 4 and freedom was within reach.  Me time arrived in a big red bow at Christmas and I decided it was ok to put me first.  So this word – commitment – was to my health, my fitness, my family and my business.  I started running more, eating clean, changed my working week to three days back to back and focused on my kids on non work days – packing their schedule with memory making moments.    We had date night and family day trips.  When my father’s health declined I went to the UK to help fix him.  Commitment has stretched me this year in more ways than one but I kept calm and carried on.

So looking ahead to 2014.  When I think of what has held me back, what has challenged me not only in the last year but also in my life, the word that springs to mind is BELIEVE.  With self-belief I will not listen to the negative chatter that pops up from time to time.  I will give doubt the boot.  I will truly accept that I can achieve what I set my mind to.  This year feels bigger. I will complete my running goal with a half marathon. My little boy starts big school. My working week becomes 4 days.  I am contemplating change within my business and life to do more of what makes me happy.   If I believe then this will also rub off on my children and those around me.  And that can only be a good thing?

So as you sit and reflect on the year you have had and what you want to do with your life in the next year and the years after that – think about how you can simplify the New Year resolutions and instead focus on a word.

Then do it, be it.

Let me know how you go.