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Generation Y have had a bad wrap over the last few years.  They are the game changers, the fidgets, they want more and want it now.  They are the digital generation that have a fresh new perspective on life and  continually question WHY.

I recently presented to the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia about the importance of being a Career Climber and not a Career Plodder.   As part of the event I was invited to be on a panel of successful career climbing GenY students/employees.

What an incredible bunch of people.  The most amazing thing about this group of people, as themes, was their curiosity and commitment to their careers.

I asked Cameron Archer to provide a guest post on how he has managed to shape his young but oh-so-committed-career.

Generation Y Career Skills – why not?

Over the course of this semester and last, I have been actively working for an accounting firm four days per week, alongside studying full-time. Additionally I have been involved in senior mentoring programs, assisting other peer mentors help students transition into university, but also have been involved in being a leader for two years, as a peer assisted study sessions leader. This role aims at facilitating well over 30 students per week for subjects first year students find tough, in which I aim to simplify and offer assistance for, through providing studying examples as well as advice from my own experiences. It has certainly been a big challenge in making time for everything and ensuring I met all of my study demands as well as setting time out socially, since maintaining a work life balance has always been of the highest importance to me. I think what makes the difference for me personally are the people I surround myself with who constantly support what I do and push me to strive for more and for something better, which is what I set out each and every day to do. I don’t limit myself, that’s for sure, but am extremely grateful to have the continuous support from my partner, my family and my mates.

Upon recently changing university campus to Nathan this semester, I came to realise that there was no accounting/finance association established, leading me to do only one thing, beginning the process of starting up our very own Griffith University Accounting and Finance Association. I am now proudly acting as the President, which feels very equivalent to an additional full-time job, but is very exciting and is something I am passionate about. Alongside this, I’ve also engaged within a diploma of accounting, to assist in filling the gaps in my practical knowledge where university seems to pass through all too quickly. Though I don’t find a great deal of time to put into this, I want to learn as much as I possibly can. I’ll be honest in saying, sometimes life does seem a bit crazy, but I’ve worked four jobs whilst studying full-time and am a big advocate of not only a strong work ethic but also a balanced lifestyle. So if I can manage all of this, allowing for greater personal and professional development, I think why not?

From where I am, my plans are to finish my both bachelor degree in Accounting and Economics alongside my diploma to eventually complete both a Chartered Accountants and Certified Practising Accountants qualification. Through doing this, I am keen to step up and join a bigger firm and assist students, in the position I once was, to not only understand their limits, but also help to reach them. In doing so, it would be my goal to set up a mentoring scheme consistent with linking into university associations to not only establish relationships, but also maintain them. Further one of my largest ambitions has always been to utilise my experience and my passion to help others of a lower economic level, such as under developed countries achieve new limits and set new goals.

Developing Career Skills

  • Aim Higher
  • Surround yourself with Career Champions
  • Be stretched – Be Challenged
  • Be committed
  • Push the boundaries
  • Believe you can do it – say you can do it – then do it!

I coach my clients of all ages to have these skills and traits.  I support career climbers and business owners to to make decisions that are bold and courageous.  I encourage them to step outside their comfort zone.  What was incredible about this evening’s event was the sheer hunger of these students.  After presenting I set them a challenge to introduce themselves to people, start talking about what they wanted in their career, their life.  They did not disappoint.  The event was buzzing with energy and as I looked on at this next generation of Managers and Leaders I had a smile on my face.  I love helping people make positive progress in their career, business, life.

Thank you to Cameron Archer for providing this inspiring insight into his career.  He will be one to watch over the next few years.  You can review Cameron’s Linked In Profile here.