Everything happens for a reason, right?  Every now and again life presents you with a  dilemma.

For a moment you may feel stuck.  Unsure of what to do. Scared of the outcome.

Yet there is also something exhilarating about moments like these.  They allow you to create yourself. Reinvent yourself.

I have had a bit of a dilemma myself of late.  The coach needing a coach?  It helps!  I have a personal board of mentors, coaches and utterly inspiring and motivational people that surround me and help nurture my ideas.  With the help of these amazing investors in my life I have found my way.

Fear is an interesting emotion hey?  Once you uncover what it is you are trying to avoid and confront these things, they do not seem as important.  You can get back on track and create yourself.  Reinvent yourself.

Let me know if I can support you or someone you know move past ‘stuck’ and start enjoying what they deserve to experience in life.


I found Sal’s coaching invaluable in helping me make the transition to the next level in my career. She took the time to understand my objectives and assisted me in planning the best path to achieve them.

Thanks a million for everything over the past few weeks. You have brought out the confidence that was in me and given me the push to ask questions I would have usually shied away from.

When you have a coaching session with Sally you feel as though anything is possible. She is incredibly focussed, passionate and determined to help you to achieve your goals as well as being truly inspirational and a great role model. The perfect ingredients for a fabulous mentor – thank you!