i doSo you remember last year instead of banging on about new year’s resolutions I decided to go for one word.  One word that would stand the test of time – ok, ok… represent the year ahead and be able to apply it to all areas of my life: family, health, business.  That word was Commitment – Saying I do to me.  You can read the original post here

So it is now mid March and we are 11 weeks into the year and as so many people lose sight of their new year resolution goals I thought it would only be fair to share how I am going.  I do try and practice what I preach you know.


I started the year with a focus on food – note I am not using the word diet it conjures up images of cabbage soup and saccharin shakes.  I also needed to move more.  So energy in + energy out = weight loss and cm loss.  It is that simple.  Except trying to eat clean can be really hard when you know how good some processed foods taste!  Anyhoo 11 weeks in and with the help of friends, my Personal Trainer, warm yoga, free weekly timed park runs and my gym timetable I am now 7kg lighter and around 25cm trimmer (and a whole lot happier).  I also took myself on a no achohol sabbatical for 11 weeks – this was at times a little testing – like Friday afternoon kids-going-crazy-‘clock.  I say 11 weeks as it is my birthday tomorrow and I am most certainly tucking into a glass of vino ahead of my 38th year!  But after the weekend of celebrating I will be back on the plan – it is my plan – and it is working.  By the way I am at fun run number 21 of my 40 by the time I am 40 goal.  I do?  I did!


Happy kids – Happy mum and dad?  In Brisbane we have had some shocking weather to kick start the year with more rain than our average annual it was pretty miserable with kids desperate to be in parks and playing outside.  So we have enjoyed lots of indoor games – hide and seek is high on the agenda every day – as is making roads for the cars out of masking tape.  We also like to get our wellies on (gumboots to our Aussie team) and get pretty soggy.  We also enjoyed a weekend away to Noosa – just a little apartment on Sunrise beach with nothing more to do than play.  A cheap and cheerful break to our routine was just what we needed.   Date nights are something to look forward to – playing dress up as the kids refer to it – and a continual work in progress – what shall we do?  where shall we go?  It is like being teenagers again. I do?  We are!


As we approach the end of Q1 I can look back at my diary and see that there has been more structure to my week – more discipline in my diary planning and schedule.  I completed a corporate contract in January which freed up more time for me to work on my businesses which has helped gain great momentum.  As I say to my career coaching clients I am “being proactive not just reactive”.  I can reflect on the quarter with a range of coaching programs completing, new programs starting and a couple of speaker spots booked. There are also 3 articles to be featured in the media by the end of March.   I am enjoying meeting new people who can help me work on my business and investing the time and money to reinvent the way I am working.  So in this area I also feel like I have directed energy on the ‘right’ things.  In my business coaching I talk to clients about what they focus on “will it make a difference/will it make you money” and it is such an important saying to help sharpen your focus and priorities.  There are new projects like The Nurture Program which I have been sitting on for 3 years now and finally met the right person to launch.  I am also working on a couple of other exciting things but you will have to wait and see!  So I see a big return on investment here – get the balance right and it does pay off. I do?  I still do!

So 11 weeks in (41 to go) and I am feeling healthy, happy and committed.

How are you travelling into 2013?  What did you want to change?  Are you looking for a new job or a change in career?  Do you want to set up your own business?  Need to get working on you?

I can help you reinvent the way you approach these areas of your life – I can help you make positive progress.  Let me share how – get in touch and tell me what you want to change.  It is often the first step to changing your life!