Well it has been a fabulous week.  I know, I know I have totally milked this 1st birthday.

But you do that with 1st birthday’s don’t you?

I am sure next year I will be far more composed.  This year I am giddy with excitement.  I have had an amazing week let alone year!

So you know the theory of what you put out there you get back in return?


Well this week I seem to have attracted specific things – let me clarify – if you have read the Secret or anything that relates to the Law of Attraction – what you put out there you get in return…

I designed a couple of flyers, a birthday card and chocolate box as a GIFT for some special people in my personal and professional life and in return I receive …

– a GIFT of hosting the Business Chicks Professional Networking Night in Brisbane on 17th October.

– a GIFT in the form of a brand new client to project manage their transition into a new business idea/venture

– a GIFT of amazing testimonials from friends, family, associates and colleagues that cheer me on!

– a GIFT of contributing to a professional networking event, endorsed by someone who ‘speaks highly of me’
(thank you)

– a GIFT of writing for a well known publication, having been sought out directly by the writer

– a GIFT of referrals from a couple of my clients that have had sessions this week

Funny thing is a lot of them have not received their gift yet – so I know this is not an ‘eye for an eye’ situation.

I could end this week on a high and just say – wow this is amazing – but I cannot help but feel that I need to do something with this amazing year/week/day I have had.

So I have chosen to contribute a donation to a charity.  I thought a lot about this and racked my brain – do I align with a charity that works with Nourish from a brand perspective?  Or do I go for what I think feels right?

So I have decided to donate a $1 a day for every day this year – $365 – to the Clown Doctors.  There have been a few instances this year where I have been touched by other people’s stories and more so, close to home.  So I hope that by doing this I support those beautiful little creations called children, who endure ongoing treatments and hospitalisation, access to the clown doctors to lighten their load.  As things happen for a reason I met Robi Mack at an event once a couple of years ago and was in tears with her presentation with what they achieve in their work as Clown Doctors.  I will let you take a look for yourself.

So next year – I hope to be enjoying my 2nd birthday in business, working with some amazing people and helping so many of you to achieve positive progress in your careers, business and life.

I also hope to be donating a lot more to charity.

and as I blow out this year’s candle I wish that ……(ssshhhh that’s my secret!)

Hip Hip Hooooray!