So here we are.  Hip Hip Hooray. I made it.  We made it!

I think I have often referred to this when asked what it is like to run my own show.  Running your own business – you approach each day with equal parts of anxiety and excitement – this, my friend, is called motivation!

So 365 days in.  Am I operating any differently to when I was only 30 days in business?

Not really.  Perhaps consistency is the key?

So in reviewing this blog post I decided to choose the 5 key things that have MADE my business this year.  You expect me to practice what I preach right?  Let me unravel the last 12 months.

Business skill #5
PR is all about you – respond quickly, professionally and opportunity comes a’knocking.

I enjoyed 2 TV experiences this year- one pre-recorded for Sky Business Channel and one live cross over from Brisbane to Sydney on Channel Ten’s Breakfast show.  The interesting thing is this – I think I preferred the live gig.  I was more me.  Able to focus on the camera like I was talking to a client.  With the prerecorded version on Sky it was sliced and chopped to ‘produce’ an interesting info-interview.  So, given the chance my advice to you is this – Live TV rocks.  I have also featured in countless magazine articles in the last 12 months.   I reckon on average I have experienced one article or mention in the media every month.  Now there is a lot of work that goes in to that to make it happen.  Learning how to use Sourcebottle was one of them!  I have had to learn how journalists like to scan your response, get more information from you later and I even invested in media training this year to support my credentials.  All worked particularly well for me this year.  Have ticked a few things off the list!

Business Skills #4
I will outsource things in my business that I am not good at – spreading the love locally and via freelancer.  Design/CopyWriting/Web build.

Oh I am really good at doing this!   I cannot wait to share the 2nd generation flyer I have created, what do you think!  You can see my 1st flyer here.   I have also project managed work for my clients who have ventured into creating a website/presence and supported their first 3 months of building and managing their brand.

Business Skill #3
Networking (and collaboration)

Online, Offline.  It is a given that in order to grow your business you NEED to network.  It is a non-negotiable for me.  It forms part of my coaching program very early on with helping my clients identifying their network.  For me I enjoy using Linked In, Facebook and also skipping along to events at any opportunity.  I LOVE meeting new people and am curious about how people are progressing in life, business or their career.  So this year I have enjoyed breakfasts, lunches, dinners, coffees, chai lattes and walk ‘n’ talks.  I have also continued to be part of the Business Chicks community, had a look at new networking events as they pop up, continued to attend professional development events with  ICF and Neuroleadership Group. Invest in training (read as transformation!) with Thoughtleaders and sought out a group of inspiring people in Brisbane to connect with over dinner.  On top of this networking is connecting other people to people you know or know that can help in a given situation.  This has resulted in new jobs, new friendships and new clients! Collaboration is working with others to produce something amazing.  I am a resident career and small business expert for Lifestyle Careers and love this community of people looking for flexible working options. I am stoked to be supporting the launch of new online magazine Sophisticareer as an expert contributer.  I am delighted to be working with my old company Ambition in many different roles – coach/trainer/speaker at events.  I had the pleasure of MC’ing an event for an old friend Diana Ryall and much respected business Xplore as they celebrated their 10th Birthday this year.

I have also a few secret things in the pipeline…oooooeeeoooo. Watch this space.


Are you converted?  You have to network and be open to collaboration in order to grow your business!

Business Skills #2
Learning to say No.  This is tough and something I continue to work on.

As the year has gone on I can confirm that I have had moments of weakness here.  I have compromised.  I have cracked.  But if you remind yourself that it is OK to say NO you will also start to build on a great skill.  I have said no to speaking at certain events, said no to contributing to certain websites, said no to clients who want me to work at an hour that comprimises my young family.  I have even said no to my ideas that pop up – and parked them in my trusty notebook.

Get comfy with No – it is just two letters…like  …OK.

And finally –

Business Skill #1
I wake up feeling ‘drawn’ towards my business/my clients everyday.

This is still very much the case.  I have new ideas, new versions of what I offer.  I think about how I can cater for more people at once, how I can make a single person’s experience more rewarding and unique.   Your feedback continues to inspire me and make my heart swell and my mind chatter with ideas.  Referrals and testimonials are the absolute benchmark in my business.  I think about how I can support you in providing a recipe for change.  Take you through each step albeit Career, Life or Business dilemma.  And until this starts to fade I am here to stay.

So what is my tagline?  Feed your Career Cravings : Satisfy Life’s Appetite.

Well it works for me too!

Cheers to the next 365!


Stop Press****Special Offer****Stop Press

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I look forward to working with you.

Don’t just take my word for it:

From Stacy, Sydney –
Sally-Anne has been a fabulous mentor and has made the world of difference to my confidence! She is approachable, motivating and highly experienced in understanding why and how my personal change was necessary.

From Amanda, Sydney –
Sal has given me so much more than what I expected going into a business relationship with her. She has made me realise my own potential and given me the confidence and strength to do what I need to as a woman in business. I highly recommended anyone who is looking to realise their own potential to connect with Sal and make their dreams a reality.

From Andrew, Melbourne –
Sally-Anne is a passionate and enthusiastic professional with a very creative and forward thinking approach to life and work. When I interact with her I always find her to be both receptive to ideas and great at contrbuting her own creative suggestions. I thoroughly recommend Sally-Anne as a professional Coach, mentor and adviser.