When an invite came through recently for a workshop on the art of Resilience I immediately replied.  Yes.

Not only do I look forward to networking with other coaches in Brisbane face to face, I was also really interested in the topic.

Some of you may know that 2011 was a pretty testing year for me (and others).  But for some of my clients 2012 has been a tough year.  So, notebook under arm and pleased to be socialising with adults of a Saturday morning I headed to the workshop in sunny Paddington.

Stephanie Gill – the presenter of the course – is one of those people you immediately connect with – perhaps on an unconscious level before conscious.  Smiling, warm and full of beans she danced around her powerpoint presentation and helped us, as coaches, work out what actually was OUR definition of reslilience?

Father in the army.
Moved House, Town and School – many many many times.
First day at School – many, many, many times.
New friends – came and went, reasons, seasons, lifetime.
Happy go lucky kinda’ girl.
Looking at Life with Humour/Lightness

So for me resilience is about “accepting that change will come” so when it did happen during my youth and beyond, it didn’t rock my world, I embraced it.  Went for it.  Not away from it.  Coped.

We also looked at some of the barriers to change.  What makes it hard for people to look over the hill that they are currently faced with?

Wanting to control events?
Being too Rigid?
Enjoying the drama?

We reflected on client stories and personal experiences.  Throw in a whole heap of events in one small season of the year and then resilience is really tested.  From our own personal experiences we walked through how we managed, how we were nearly broken, how we patched and managed and moved on, and up?  We investigated the traits of resilience.

Now of course you had to BE at the workshop in order to really know what was discussed but the essence of the day was to build your own personal model of resilience.

So here is my model:

Take Action
_________________________ lever of change
Take Stock

Does this ring bells for anyone who has gone through a significant change?  Perhaps this helps you if you feel you need a starting point.

I am keen to hear your thoughts.

If you would like a session to support you through a current dilemma please let me know – I can help.