I had the best start to a Monday EVER today!   I was invited on to the Channel Ten Breakfast show to talk through new research from Linked In that suggested all you needed was 9 minutes a day to progress your career.

I really liked the angle of the research conducted in line with William Arruda who is a internationally acclaimed Personal Branding specialist.  9 minutes is the amount of time that we have before we get distracted or lose concentration.

In my coaching program I talk to both job seekers and career climbers about how to include Linked In within their career toolbox.  For job seekers it is important as it acts as an online profile of your proactive job search – resumes go out and you may have a HR or recruiter check you out online for more info.  For the career climber it is a continuous online professional profile of your capabilities, interests and a chance to network online with others.

My previous post on why you should be on Linked In is here.

Today was exciting as it was a live cross-over to the Sydney Studio – and was such a great new experience.  I just focussed on the camera as if I was talking to you  – my clients.  And I have to say – I had a ball!

If you missed the show – you can see the video here. 

And when you have watched it?  Off you  go…. and spend 9 minutes progessing your career!

Get in touch if you would like to know more.