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21 05, 2012

How to progress your Career – Live TV interview on Ten

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I had the best start to a Monday EVER today!   I was invited on to the Channel Ten Breakfast show to talk through new research from Linked In that suggested all you needed was 9 minutes a day to progress your career. I really liked the angle of the research conducted in line with William Arruda who is a internationally acclaimed Personal Branding specialist.  9 minutes is the amount of time that we have before we get distracted or lose concentration. […]

20 05, 2012

What’s your Why?

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I went along to a workshop with Simon Sinek last week.  The name seemed familiar and when I googled him I realised I had watched his TED Talk some time ago. His presentation was all about finding your why.  Your purpose in life.  What you are passionate about.  So many of my clients often struggle with this or have never even thought about it. I found my why once upon a time when I could not see the woods for the trees. And then suddenly it occurred to me – I help people connect with themselves, help people reinvent themselves and in turn help them make new connections – this could be a new job, new idea or just a new way of thinking. […]