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28 03, 2012

10 Steps to Leadership – and it starts and ends with you.

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We have all experienced a ‘bad’ manager right?  You know the ones.  Talk the talk.  No backing it up.  Maybe you have  talked about them – waited patiently for their fall and tried your best not to support them?  Well put yourself in the shoes of the aspiring leader. The skills to manage can certainly be intrinsic but also those that are acquired need to be practiced as much as possible.  Why?  Your team and waiting with their arms crossed and for you to prove yourself and walk the walk. […]

12 03, 2012

The coaching journey- a fun run!

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Having recently moved to Brisbane one of the things I was keen to do was take advantage of the glorious Queensland weather.  So, having now been here for 8 weeks I think I can call myself an outdoor Runner. You see I used to think I was not a runner – just a person who kept trying to run 2km, 3km and then 5km.  Then I entered into some fun runs. Two words that would never normally sit side by side in my world. […]