While chatting with a business client the other day she revealed something quite raw.  It took a little time to build up to it but the bottom line was ‘I cannot find my mojo, which would be fine if we were approaching the Christmas break but that was nearly 6 weeks ago now!”

I acknowledged her for her honesty.  This was our first catch up since the break as she had wanted to have some much needed time out and enjoy the space this gave her both mentally and physically.  Now this statement worried her as she felt like she did not appear to have the mojo or desire to crack on with things in her business.

So how do you go about locating your mojo?

My questioning focussed on what she was thinking about her business – right now.

What made her feel disconnected?

What impact was this having?

What did she need to do to reconnect with the ‘working’ her and the workload ahead.

We discovered that she had enjoyed a great break, not having a strict agenda, enjoying lazy breakfasts with friends who she rarely had time for in the run up to her holiday.  She had enjoyed getting back into some form of fitness; running and yoga and eating well.  She was scared of letting all of this go for the demands of her business.  She was living life!

The truth is her mojo was there with her at all times.  She never stopped being creative, never stopped jotting down ideas, being inspired by friends with feedback on her business and product.  Just the mojo did not dominate her every waking moment…just happily bobbing alongside her.

She had previously created this enormous space for her work to consume her and was desperate for a break.  Whilst on leave  she had unknowingly managed to get a bit of her ‘life’ back.  She liked it.  Now faced with ‘getting back into work’ she felt she had to swap everything she had enjoyed for the last 6 weeks.

We created a plan that involved structure in her day, starting with something for her.  Yoga or a walk along the beach or breakfast with a friend who was free.  Even little things like not checking her email as soon as she woke up, keeping her laptop away from her lap until she was ready for ‘work’.  Getting dressed for work, even though she worked from home.  And, when she was ready to get into it she had to breakdown her work into various tasks.  Head down time (Admin), Chatter (calls and follow ups) and Design time (planning).

WIth this plan set she emailed me yesterday afternoon to advise of her success in the week.  Signing off with her name + Mojo!

So if you are feeling a little lost and not sure where to start contact me for a one-off session and see where it could lead…


Thanks for inspiring this blog post ‘M’