…it’s fleece was white as snow!

One thing we have noticed while living over here is how babies had fleece in their strollers/prams…all year round.  In the UK the only place I would have seen them would have been as a rug on my parents carpet – perhaps as a feature rug, or on the animal itself!

I even went as far as asking one woman in the Summer why she had a fleece…apparently they keep the baby cool in Summer and nice and toasty warm in Winter?

Now as you know Australia is a country of extremes and we can get 40 degree summer days and so far the coolest morning has been 6 degrees.  Not much fun when I am trying to keep up with my daily morning walks.

So I found this great little online store in NZ called Natureshop.  They have so many great things for winter and baby gifts too and after snooping around I settled on this stroller fleece. It arrived and I have to say we did have a chuckle at the little wooly man..

It is really well made and has a velcro head so as Little Lady grows the wooly man can grow with her!  We tried it out the other day and I have to say she was snug as a bug.  I am thrilled as it enables us to go and do our walks regardless how fresh the mornings are.

I also ordered a groovy little thermal running top for myself but as my back has been out of action I had not had the chance to road test it till now.

So today I went for my early morning walk sans children. As I watched the sunrise it was great to feel the warmth, inside and out!

Natureshop are in the UK and NZ and are an environmentally responsible online retailer of premium “nature inspired” brands.

A winter sunrise…6 degrees…but feeling toasty!