There’s a bit of noise going on in our house.

For those of you that know me personally you know I can talk – Unanimous retort of ‘no really?’.   So it would seem that my little ones have taken after their mum!

Little Lady at 4 months has started to sing when she wakes up and Little Man, who turned 2 last month, is using his words more and more.

The fabulous part of watching Jenson at this stage is how he is starting to put words together and give us orders and instructions.  ‘No Mummy’ can be the response to a huge range of things!  He is still babbling too and sounds like he is talking to us in Japanese at times.  Pre-school seems to have made the difference we were looking for in his development.  We encourage him to chatter and whilst laughing inside at some of the made-up words we try and understand him.  He still gets frustrated as I have mentioned in a previous post so I continue to look for his non-verbal cues.  It is wonderful watching this little person chat away, at anyone who will listen!

With Evie it is the new tones we are getting.  She rarely wakes from her sleep with a cry now instead a song!  Even at 2am it is so sweet to hear!  She too is talking away at us in her own way.  Giving us responses be it a smile or a bottom lip.

My husband comes home from work  looking for peace and quiet after a long day.  As I would chat at him he would say to me “have you not spoken to anyone today?” whereas now I am the one retreating for some peace and quiet while he gets to experience the babbling and chatter from my ‘mini-me’s’.

Imagine what it will be like in 5/10/15 years time!