Whoa! We have had an awful few weeks. When sickness strikes it can really hit hard.
My little lady had her first cold and first cough which meant first real grumpy patch. My little soldier has experienced Bronchalitus, Tonsillitis and the Common Cold all in 6 weeks.

I know, I know the joys of starting pre-school where the littlies not only share their tiny teddies and trucks but also their germs.

So we are hibernating for Winter and doing our best to make sure that for the in between spells of not being sick (yes that mean’s I am anticipating more!) we focus on getting our little one’s immune systems fighting hard.

So as well as a having season ticket to the Drs surgery and Pharmacy this month I am also looking at researching more vitamin rich fruit and veggie packed ‘super dinners’.

Feel free to comment with any suggestions for littlies over the winter season….they will be gratefully received.

And how am I doing? Why thank you for asking…I am just running along with the needs of my kids right now….and running alongside me are the bags under my eyes!