You are driving along, sometimes at speed and trying to keep your eye on all the hazards around you.  Sometimes you arrive at your destination and cannot recall the journey.  Worrying isn’t it.  How we can miss the signs…

This is what motherhood is like for me.  We have our ‘loose’ routine now, as you will have read in my blog posts, we walk most mornings, we (try to) laugh off the witching hour and I try and get to the gym in the week or go for a run. I did not see the big fat red warning sign ahead of me that I crashed into at full speed on the weekend.

My back went on holiday on Saturday.  Packed up and decided to leave me standing – or should that be laying – forcing me to rest up.

I thought it was a long run that caused it but having now spent a small fortune on physio and massage I realise that it has been coming on for a while, I just ignored the signs.

The cause?  Being a mum.  Doing Mum things, like carrying my daughter in her Baby Bjorn, walking along at a slight angle holding my son’s hand, rolling down hills at my son’s birthday party.  Feeding my daughter at a funny angle as she was being fussy, hushing her cries crouched over her cot and dancing to the Wiggles.  Ok perhaps I should not admit the last one.

My daughter is 3 months old now and so this recovering body of mine has been trying to get fit and deal with the daily smashing that being a mum brings!  Let alone take a pounding on the pavement with my runs and gym sessions.

So…now, forced to lay in bed for 2 days, tanked up with codeine, ice and heat packs, I recognise the signs.  I should be taking it easier.  I should be more mindful of how I carry my children.  I need to take care of myself because right now I cannot take care of them.  I cannot even go from sitting to standing.

So, as frustrating as it is, this bit of forced ‘me’ time allows me to take stock and value my body, my flexibility and my ability to get out of the fast lane into the slower lane.

What’s the point in rushing?