I had considered using a screaming image for this post. Or an Ejector seat.

What is it about 4pm.  My children go wild.  Baby screaming for milk top-up.  Toddler screaming as it is fun and mum screaming Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Talk about needing to mix it up a bit.  It has to stop. Now.

I have mentioned the witching hour in a couple of posts now.

It is that window of preparing dinner to serving dinner.  I need to have octopus arms.  I need to have the ability to feed Evie while also getting dinner ready for Jenson.  If I drop the ball on one task the other one screams.  Then the other one starts screaming.  It is not just crying…..for Jenson it is a case of “this is fun how high pitched can I scream” and for Evie “How dare you stop the milk flow – get back here Milk Bar”  kind of screech.

And inside I am screaming.  Outside I am sssshhhhhh-ing.  Whilst trying to keep my happy voice going.  I sound like a nutcase.

Roll on 7pm when peace (and sleep) falls upon my humble abode, my husband comes home and I can escape this mad house…like a fleeing prisoner.

Any suggestions?