“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” Jim Ryan

I am enjoying running again.  It has been 12 weeks since the arrival of my beautiful baby girl and I have been building up my running exercise for the last 6 weeks.

At first it was a shuffle and then moved to more of a jog and now I think I can say I have a run/jog style.  So I am aiming high.  I am doing the Sydney Harbour 9km Bridge Run in September.  18 weeks time.

So in true coaching style – how the heck am I going to get there?  Not in terms of running but in terms of  getting in the right head space that I can do it.

The last time, and only time I should add, that I did the Bridge Run was in September 2006.  5 years ago!  So here I am 5 years older and 2 babies later.

The Coaching Structure that applies:

Where am I now:  Running on flats, no hills, tatty trainers, running 3km max, running when I can – rarely planning.

Where do I want to be:  Feeling comfortable past 3km, then 5km, then 9km and being able to incorporate a hill (or two?) Schedule running time into my week

How am I going to get there:  Enlist the help of my friends, whoever is game to run with me, perhaps also getting someone to commit to doing the Bridge Run with me.  Use Runkeeper to publish my runs as a motivational tool.

What else do I need to do:  Book the run, pay for it and create a Charity page for sponsorship.  Have a couple of charities in mind.  Buy new trainers – get fitted properly.  Schedule runs with family schedule.  Create a program of running distance and intervals.

How will I know I have got there:  Proof is in the pudding, or in my case the distance.  I do not care how long it takes as long as I run all the way.  I will get a little medal, I will receive sponsorship for my chosen charity.  I will be very sweaty and sore!

What is my reward?  The weightloss and tone that will come with the running but also a cheeky little session at my local spa could be in order, so if you are reading this darling – book me into Otford Spa :-)

Some people say you need smart goals.  I think you just need well thought out goals.

As a coach I help people navigate their thinking and luckily can help navigate my own too from time to time too.

Run Forest, Run!