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28 05, 2011

How much are you spending online?

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Social media has exploded. And it’s not just for your personal life. If you are in business you need to be online in business too. A new survey from Nielsen showed that almost three quarters of Australian businesses are dedicating 10% of their budgets to social media marketing. That’s a lot of moola for big businesses. How about small business? […]

25 05, 2011

Emergency Stop Signs

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You are driving along, sometimes at speed and trying to keep your eye on all the hazards around you.  Sometimes you arrive at your destination and cannot recall the journey.  Worrying isn’t it.  How we can miss the signs… This is what motherhood is like for me.  We have our ‘loose’ routine now, as you will have read in my blog posts, we walk most mornings, we (try to) laugh off the witching hour and I try and get to the gym in the week or go for a run. I did not see the big fat red warning sign ahead of me that I crashed into at full speed on the weekend. […]

24 05, 2011

I’ll drink to that!

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I found an email in my inbox sent to me on New Years Eve…stumbled across this at the right time it would seem. Need to pay attention to number 13. How ironic – 13…lucky for some? […]

16 05, 2011

Escaping the prison that is 4pm

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I had considered using a screaming image for this post. Or an Ejector seat. What is it about 4pm.  My children go wild.  Baby screaming for milk top-up.  Toddler screaming as it is fun and mum screaming Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Talk about needing to mix it up a bit.  It has to stop. Now. […]

15 05, 2011

1 Goal – 18 Weeks to get there

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“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” Jim Ryan I am enjoying running again.  It has been 12 weeks since the arrival of my beautiful baby girl and I have been building up my running exercise for the last 6 weeks. At first it was a shuffle and then moved to more of a jog and now I think I can say I have a run/jog style.  So I am aiming high.  I am doing the Sydney Harbour 9km Bridge Run in September.  18 weeks time. So in true coaching style – how the heck am I going to get there?  Not in terms of running but in terms of  getting in the right head space that I can do it. […]

11 05, 2011

Vitamin F – are you getting your fix?

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Friends are such an important tonic.  Today I received an email from a good friend. Have a read and then think about your circle of friends.  Maybe it is time to reconnect with those you have not spoken to for a while, perhaps send them this little note.  Stock up on your vitamins. “Vitamin F” […]

11 05, 2011

What type of parent are you?

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I read a lot of blogs.  Sometimes I read one that really connects with me.  Michael Grose’s Happy Kids is one such blog. This week’s blog refers to parenting types and running through the options I can identify myself.  I can also spot the ones I do not ever want to be like but in moments of weakness can be like.  I notice my friend’s parenting styles and that of my own upbringing.  Parenting is a tough job. […]

7 05, 2011

Are you getting enough?

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  Some of us worry too much, have stressful business deadlines to meet or the constant demands of young children.  Some have a crazy party up-all-night lifestyle.  One thing we may all have in common at that time?  Lack of sleep. “Sleep is a natural state of rest for members of the animal kingdom.  Although we are still not entirely sure of how sleep works, nor are we convinced that we understand all of the functions of sleep, scientists have become convinced that sleep is necessary to survival.” […]