With my due date fast approaching I found myself swinging between anxiety and excitement this week.  I am also very lucky to have some frank and honest friends who are keen to share their experiences of having a new born and toddler.  I called on them for advice this weekend and appreciated their seeds of wisdom about what could be in store over the next few weeks/months.

After reading their emails and digesting their advice I had butterflies in my tummy.  I had forgotten what butterflies felt like.  I have this feeling most days at the moment.

Both of my pregnancies have gone without a hitch, I have been well, happy and healthy and the only difference has been carrying over Summer and carrying over Winter.  Winter wins hands down for obvious reasons!

The pick n’ mix of emotions comes down to knowing that things are about to change again.  As they always do with parenting.  Bringing a newborn into a 21 month old’s world will be interesting.  He has been our world up until now.  Even we will need to learn how to adapt from solely focusing on him and start to spread the love and attention.

I feel fiercely protective over my first born and how the new baby will impact his routine/schedule/patterns (delete as appropriate).  On the other side of the coin I also am fearful that I have forgotten what it is like to hold a newborn, nurse them off to sleep and do the whole waking up at ridiculous o’clock for (circa?) 3-6 months.  I remember I used to panic that I would drop Jenson down the stairs when I was so sleep deprived…fortunately I now live on one level!

I also am excited about introducing our little lady into our family and watching how things change in particular watching Jenson being a Big Bro.  I am looking forward to watching my husband bond with our daughter and take advantage of the time that the fantastic Grandparents want with the children.  They already do so much for us.

Selfishly, I am looking forward to a few friend-cooked meals, little cleaning, naps when I can and the chance to go walk on my own – even if for 10 minutes to the shops and back.  I want to be able to catch up and say hello to friends and be able to find out how they are and be really present in that conversation – again if only for 10 minutes!  I am looking forward to populating this blog when I can and keep my family and friends in touch with my reality of having two amazing children, both still in nappies, both on different sleep patterns, both with different parenting needs.

Here’s to a crazy, exhausting, exhilirating, loving and emotional few weeks.  I’ll be in touch……sometime.