I finished working with myambition.com today and am officially on maternity leave for (circa?) 6 months.  In just over 4 weeks I will be welcoming our new baby making us a family of 4 with 2 kids under 2.

I want to keep a track on what life will be like with 2 under 2 and also fill some of my time with the chance to reflect on how I am going, how we (my husband and I) are going and  how the newly acquainted siblings are going; individually and as a team.

The other reason I am going to write this particular blog is to ensure that I fill my maternity leave ‘online time’ doing something for me.  When I had my son in 2009 I had also just launched myambition.com and I was wholeheartedly into both mothering and ensuring my career development website was on track.  People wondered how I managed that – but as any new mum knows, most new born babies sleep – alot.

It is so easy  for me to slip back into being at work, but as I am not paid during my maternity leave I need to really ensure I remain logged off.  For those that know me – they realise this is a huge challenge for me!

So I hope you enjoy my ramblings, and it keeps you in touch with my reality of being a mum to 2 young children.  I am calling this the Dance of Motherhood.  I will be swaying from one child to the other, doing celebratory ‘I got them to sleep’ boogies and  having my own disco at 3am while nursing a little newborn lady.

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